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VOL XLV • Revista N°1 • 2018
Jaime Winter Etcheberry (Director)
Francisco Gómez Muñoz (Secretario de Redacción)

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  • prueba 25.09

    Septiembre 25, 2019

    Tamara Vives


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  • A system without, or with more limited

    Diciembre 18, 2017


    A system without, or with more limited

    In a system without nationwide injunctions, the choice architecture created by venue statutes still matters to individual litigants’ choice of forum. In such a system, the policy rationales underlying § 1391(e) risk distortion. Of course, a single federal action or policy often affects many similarly situated individuals. The fallout in January 2017 from President Trump’s ... Seguir leyendo

  • The general venue provision

    Diciembre 18, 2017


    The general venue provision

    Under the federal statute delineating proper venue, 28 U.S.C. § 1391, the plaintiff typically has more forum choices where the United States or its officer or employee is a defendant than where the defendant is a private party. The general venue provision, 28 U.S.C. § 1391(b), provides that venue is proper where “any defendant resides, if all defendants ... Seguir leyendo

  • Nationwide Injunctions: Venue Considerations

    Diciembre 18, 2017


    Nationwide Injunctions: Venue Considerations

    ABSTRACT. A criticism of nationwide injunctions is that they engender forum shopping, with litigants seeking out a court more likely to be favorable to them in order to obtain sweeping relief. This picture, though, oversimplifies the relationship between venue and the scope of injunctive relief, particularly for lawsuits against federal actors. Cabining nationwide injunctions ... Seguir leyendo